Odaka Yoga®

by Loredana Colitti
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“Liquify your limits” Odaka is an original and innovative vision of yoga though respecting a millennial tradition. Inspired by the rhythms that intrinsic to the dynamics of ocean motion readapted to the human body. This movement incorporates martial arts, yoga asanas and the principles of biomechanics to express physically and emotionally the principles of adaptability, transformation and inner power. This style unfolds through yoga sequences which, by the martial arts flow of inner energy and the Zen spirit of not stilling the mind, transform practice into an unremitting motion, a process where no interruption occurs between one pose and the another. A union which aims to dissolve physical, mental and emotional tensions and contractions, while soothing the mind with immediate action. Once we begin to transform restraints, habitual patterns of movement and thought dissolve and create space for a new balance and inner strength. Strength may be defined as the ability to act, and balance as the ability to adapt to circumstances: this is a precious gift taken up by Odaka Yoga from martial arts. To become a yoga warrior means to become adaptable, flexible and fully integrated: a complete fluid and transformative body-mind entity. Let’s unfold our inner warrior to discover a yogic body and warrior mind, being centered but not concentrated! When moving from within the connective tissue and tuning into the movement of one vertebra at a time, muscles are invited to engage in a new way which strengthens them and creates movement in the mind. If the connective tissue is tense, muscles are no longer able to move freely. The entire body tenses and tightens up, and so does our mind. As humans, we begin our lives in a fluid environment “My origin is in the water, in the ocean”, as found in Rig Veda 10.125. Interactions with body fluids occurring in each pose create the space for a dialogue with our deepest fears and the chance to overcome them. By making transitions as fundamental as the poses, posture becomes the result of proprioceptive coherency. Proprioceptors, which are located in the liquid part inside the joints, actively organize the alignment of bones. The Odaka Yoga flow may give us the feeling of “merging with our own body to become liquid”. Throughout it we experience a sense of freedom and the ability to transform any restraint and limit in order to discover new “forms” within ourselves. Water draws strength on its unceasing flow. Flowing water never stagnates. In its motion, water becomes adaptable to any form. This is its “liquid strength”