Meridian Yoga

Why work on the meridians? We can think of the meridians as rivers, they flow inside the muscles feeding them with their particular energy, if these channels are free and the energy flows there will be no problems, but for every problem in life we ​​have an immediate rebound in our meridians. For example: if there is a cold the lungs are affected, if there is a strong negative emotion the minister of the heart is affected and puts them in difficulty. If the problem is addressed immediately and solved the problem does not remain, but if this does not happen and the problem continues, an imbalance of energy will be created, by defect or by excess it increases until it becomes visible in the physical body through a symptom. Meridian Yoga does just that, it brings the meridian imbalance to the surface and then resolves it using its own techniques. Consequently, the physical and psychic attitude that generated it will be corrected until it disappears. It will be possible to see the effects of this rehabilitation in the daily life.