Chakra System

The course on the Chakra System "Integration Body and Mind - from the outside to the inside" is a path of analysis and healing, through the actions that the chakras exert on the body, on thought and on human behavior.
Through the fundamental tools of Raja Yoga, which are self-listening and meditation, we will begin to get in touch with our chakras, with the consciousness they express. Then we will begin to see what relationship we have with matter, with money and with work, or what relationship we have with sex and emotions, with feelings, how we relate to others, what are our recurring thoughts, etc.
Meditation puts us in contact with the higher energies present in us, and this stimulates the opening of the higher centers helping our consciousness to expand.
The asanas we will practice will depend on the chakra we are treating so that we can integrate the physical aspect with the spiritual one.
The goal of this course is to unite "body and mind", the spiritual aspects with the material ones, the interior with the exterior. We will discover that by healing ourselves the world around us will also be different.

During the meetings of one and a half hours each, step by step, a profound approach to the spiritual system will take place, where theoretical understanding will be integrated into all areas of life, working on each chakra.